Chestnut Springs Maintenance fee aKa Annual Dues

The Annual dues have not been sent out yet, we are still working on a time & money saving system to manage the 453 homes paying annually. Reducing the costs associated with processing & notifying, by setting up a system utiilizing technology to allow people to pay online and update the ledger simultaneously is going to save the Association money in the long run.

We are still actively working on this project , do not worry you are not late, as soon as it is practicable you will receive your bill, our main focus is on improving the maintenance of the common areas.

We will send out consent notices to ask permission from each member to opt out of using the costly postal mail system, of course not everyone is online and we will send mail out to those who are not online, but it is in the best interest of everyone to reduce our costs, so the money that is collected can be focused on the upkeep of the neighborhood maintenance, instead of on labor intensive paper work that can be automated with Information technology.

The Annual dues will be lower this year. Maybe not by a tremendous amount, but it will be at least back to $120.