Visibility Safety, Trees & Overgrowth.

Chestnut Springs hoa maintenance is actively cutting back trees and general overgrowth, this is a safety issue as well as a curb appeal value isssue.

Tree and general overgrowth, blocking the view of Stop signs, street signs as well as general visibility for pedestrian & motorist safety is a worthwhile effort.

We are also working on cutting back or removing the trees on Hunt Lane, these trees and overgroth vegitation are not helping with the visible appearance of our neighborhood side that runs along Hunt Lane. 

We will try to make contact with Property owners at there door, or through other methods,  before cutting their trees,  but understand the importance in preventing accidents is a priority, If a Stop sign is not visible we will cut back the Tree immediately as we become aware of them, we will try to cut them in the most aestetically pleasing manor possible.

We are not assessing charges for this, it is a general maintenance procedure that benefits the whole neighborhood at large.