As of February 28th, 2018 Chestnut Springs Owners Association, Inc. has embarked on a journey, a new course in order to be more responsive and protective of it’s members and common area properties.

Our Mission statement- To listen to all members and find viable workable solutions to all issues as they arise. It’s our sincere goal to improve the maintenance of our neighborhood without raising the annual dues, this is doable according to the math, we’ve been studying the way all affairs of the owners association were handled in the past and our analysis leads to several important decisions, one of them is this website, a user friendly dedicated  website can do wonders for reducing the necessity of paying for a staff of individuals to answer questions, most of which can be answered with posted information on this web site, we’re going to add content here, such as all documents that you should have received when you became a property owner in Chestnut Springs, but for most people when buying a home and dealing with moving, papers and documents can and do get lost in the shuffle.

There will be an ACC (Architectural Control) page with everything you need to know for submitting a request for approvals on any changes you would like to make to your property, we will have forms that you can print out and fill out, or fill out online, we will even have a link to the San Antonio building inspector, this will make it easier for you to do everything legally and quickly.

We will have a secure payment portal for any payments you need to make for annual dues or any other fees such as ACC processing,  it will be far cheaper to use than the past payment options, we’re going to tie it to accounting software, again in an effort to reduce manual labor in the office work arena.

We will be creating pages for Resale Certificate requests and all documents required by Texas Code. We will even create links to Texas Property Code so you can read the laws governing your HOA.

Jobs, there are many things that need to be maintained and repaired in our common areas, it’s our goal to open these jobs up to any skilled capable residents who are interested in making some extra money, while improving there own neighborhood, it’s a win win situation, people who live here and have to look at everything here daily are going to put out an extra effort, because they will see it from there porch!

Were gradually purchasing commercial grade tools for the maintenace of our neighborhood and if the numbers work, we will also start maintaining the surrounding streets, we can improve our quality of life, by redirecting the money we collect, into tangible real physical action.

Lead by example,  a well known, time tested, old saying & that’s exactly what we’re doing…leading by example.