We are asking for your voluntary cooperation throughout the neighborhood to stop feeding and attracting the
wildlife, particularly the ducks, to your front yards. We are asking for you to do this as a joint effort with City Council
District 6 . they have recently posted signs in Wheeler Park adjacent to our neighborhood, to be aware of the over
population issue, the problems this creates for you and your neighbors and the types of foods Ducks are able to digest

The act of attracting excessive amounts of wildlife/ animals, while being done for caring reasons, for the wildlife, is not taking into consideration the full extent of the problems being created for the neighborhood residents & general public at large, respecting the rights of all of your neighbors, to not be unwilling hostages, forced to engage in this activity, doing such is paramount to an act of cruelty and very well may also be creating health issues, BIRD feces(Poop) is known in the past to be linked to illnesses, attracting large groups of large birds (Ducks), is creating hardships for some households in our neighborhood, please take the appropriate steps to ensure you’re not hurting your neighbors.
A few months ago we contacted district 6 requesting help to manage this issue, in response new signs were posted in the park to not feed the city park wildlife ducks and reasons why.
Excessive feeding is a contributing factor to over population, at some point if this continues, there will be calls to reduce the duck population, so it’s imperative that you realize kindness can have unintended consequences.

If you have any suggestions, comments or alternative solutions feel free to share them with us.


Visibility Safety, Trees & Overgrowth.

Chestnut Springs hoa maintenance is actively cutting back trees and general overgrowth, this is a safety issue as well as a curb appeal value isssue.

Tree and general overgrowth, blocking the view of Stop signs, street signs as well as general visibility for pedestrian & motorist safety is a worthwhile effort.

We are also working on cutting back or removing the trees on Hunt Lane, these trees and overgroth vegitation are not helping with the visible appearance of our neighborhood side that runs along Hunt Lane. 

We will try to make contact with Property owners at there door, or through other methods,  before cutting their trees,  but understand the importance in preventing accidents is a priority, If a Stop sign is not visible we will cut back the Tree immediately as we become aware of them, we will try to cut them in the most aestetically pleasing manor possible.

We are not assessing charges for this, it is a general maintenance procedure that benefits the whole neighborhood at large.  


Chestnut Springs Owners Association, Inc. will be holding it’s annual meeting at Affinity at Monterrey Village 9003 Vista West Drive, San Antonio TX 78245

MAY, 18TH 2019 3:30 SIGN-IN 3:45 Meeting begins.

Chestnut Springs Maintenance fee aKa Annual Dues

The Annual dues have not been sent out yet, we are still working on a time & money saving system to manage the 453 homes paying annually. Reducing the costs associated with processing & notifying, by setting up a system utiilizing technology to allow people to pay online and update the ledger simultaneously is going to save the Association money in the long run.

We are still actively working on this project , do not worry you are not late, as soon as it is practicable you will receive your bill, our main focus is on improving the maintenance of the common areas.

We will send out consent notices to ask permission from each member to opt out of using the costly postal mail system, of course not everyone is online and we will send mail out to those who are not online, but it is in the best interest of everyone to reduce our costs, so the money that is collected can be focused on the upkeep of the neighborhood maintenance, instead of on labor intensive paper work that can be automated with Information technology.

The Annual dues will be lower this year. Maybe not by a tremendous amount, but it will be at least back to $120.